Apparently in preparation for the circus show in NJ the (unethical) paralegal has enlisted the help of our old friend the Ohio Serial Bully Tereasa Lynne Messer.

Sorry if telling the truth about your court lies have upset you but to be fair its not nice to lie about serious matters such as legal actions.

I returned home from work (at the job they keep saying I dont have) to find that the deceptive duo was apparently fuming mad at me and my facebook page for simply letting people know that they are not defendants… but wait lets back this train up a moment and get to the details…

I actually spoke with the clerk of courts, which is my right since I am a listed as a witness for the prosecution, and I asked them to clarify the situation, I told them that many people were asking questions. I was told to let them all know that they are not defendants, that they are listed as witnesses for the prosecution and that their attendance is not mandatory. I was also asked to let them know that due to the need to move the proceedings to a skype court to accommodate the disabled paralegal the case will NOT be in their court or on the date listed on the notices and to please let the others know.

And then I come home to this:

seino claiming monday is still the trial date

Now why would Kimberly Serino LIE about the court date? And why did she not add Tereasa to her witness list? She really should, at least she would have one person there who has already proven that she is willing to LIE for her.

Oh, I almost forgot to address another LIE in her comments, ¬†YES she IS a defendant! You see, all she had to do was leave someone alone for 6 months but she just could not do it, so yes she is once again on trial, but she would prefer to let you believe she is a “victim” … its funny how her half truths are never the whole truth and nothing but the truth.